Chocolate Bells

                                                        Strapped for choices in the heat of a chocolate insanity moment one night, my best friend humorously suggested pairing  peppers and CHOCOLATE together. But no, I did … Continue reading


  Face the fear, Jenna! Ok, let’s go. I have been completely absent from this blog for a couple of months, because I’ve been struggling with an eating disorder and a food addiction for the past year. So, then I thought that food was to blame instead of acknowledging that nothing was to blame but … Continue reading

Food & Dreams

Did that bleu cheese give you a nightmare about faux hawks?  It is known that a big night of excess—a large, late-night meal with rich food, alcohol, coffee, and chocolate dessert—will make your sleep fragmented, increasing your awareness of dreams.  However, Dream & Nightmare Laboratory at Sacré-Coeur Hospital in Montreal is the first lab working … Continue reading

No Pudge Fat Free Brownies – For Real!

Welcome to “The Brownie of your Dreams”. I discovered these fat-free brownies two summers ago while I was working as an exhibit design intern in Duluth, MN.  The air around that city is so uplifting, healthy and pure that I was affected enough to have the motivation to hunt for fat-free brownies.   You’ve got to … Continue reading

‘Intelligent Think Drink’

On my way through a Whole Foods excursion, I grabbed an attractively simple and clean looking ‘energy drink’. “Brain Toniq is the world’s first organic, kosher, botanical-based, non-caffeinated think drink specifically designed for those who    need more mental focus and clarity. Formulated out of plant extracts and natural compounds, the ingredients in Brain Toniq have … Continue reading