Shake It Out!

While still in the carton, shake your strawberries for about 30-60 seconds before eating.  They will taste SO much better! I’m back. Savor! Advertisements


I was introduced to Stevia while eating fro-yo at Yoforia last summer and now, finally, I will list information on it.  The benefits may be self-explanatory! Stevia Rebaudiana is an herb in the Chrysanthemum family which grows wild as a small shrub in parts of Paraguay and Brazil. It has been thoroughly tested in dozens … Continue reading

Sneaky Choco-Cobbler Sundae

Make one pouch Chocolate Oatmeal and top with 1/2 c.  Breyers 1/2 fat vanilla bean ice cream.  Easy peasy and deliciously dreamy. Savor!

Carrots and Shortbread

This combination of eating carrots with shortbread was inspired by my Black Licorice and Celery experience.  The crumbly texture of the shortbread combined with the crisp, fresh quality of the carrots makes for a satisfying little bite.  I think it’s going to be my new goal to figure out a contrasting food for each vegetable … Continue reading

Food & Dreams

Did that bleu cheese give you a nightmare about faux hawks?  It is known that a big night of excess—a large, late-night meal with rich food, alcohol, coffee, and chocolate dessert—will make your sleep fragmented, increasing your awareness of dreams.  However, Dream & Nightmare Laboratory at Sacré-Coeur Hospital in Montreal is the first lab working … Continue reading

My Heroine Ellie

Intuitively, I choose foods that will make me feel good/satisfied both at the dinner table AND the next morning while I’m scootin’ my jeans on.  My ultimate quest is to find and make dishes that taste like something fattening and sinful, but in fact, are healthy and guilt-free.  However, Ellie Krieger is the queen of  … Continue reading

Pear Refresher

I am not able to eat very spicy food, so while I was eating chicken buffalo wings the other night (and ignoring the fact that I would pay for eating them), my head was, of course, exploding with flames.  In desperate need of a palette cleanser, I reached for the first thing in the fridge. … Continue reading

Cry Me a River of Pizza

I read an article that described the American culture act of consuming food as carnival eating. “I WANT PIZZA!” “OOH, I’M GETTING 4 CARAMEL APPLES, NOW!!!” “HOLD ON, BEFORE I LISTEN TO A STORY ABOUT YOUR MOTHER SINGING “STACEY’S MOM”, I NEED A RACK OF RIBS TO SHOOT DOWN.” Darn, that may be true in … Continue reading

The better to taste you with…

I just saw this article on Yahoo and I thought I’d share it! “Your ears contribute to your sense of taste. We’re not saying you can actually taste food with your ears, but they do play a role in transmitting taste signals to your brain. Dr. Levine explains that there is a branch of nerves … Continue reading

Black Licorice and Celery

  I discovered a new food combination that is a  mighty kooky conglomeration.  While at Helen, GA’s ‘Oktoberfest’, I picked up some black licorice.  When I got home, I ate what was left over from it and didn’t have any water around, so I downed some celery to quench my thirst.  To my delightful surprise, … Continue reading