Chocolate Bells

                                                        Strapped for choices in the heat of a chocolate insanity moment one night, my best friend humorously suggested pairing  peppers and CHOCOLATE together. But no, I did … Continue reading


  Face the fear, Jenna! Ok, let’s go. I have been completely absent from this blog for a couple of months, because I’ve been struggling with an eating disorder and a food addiction for the past year. So, then I thought that food was to blame instead of acknowledging that nothing was to blame but … Continue reading

Banana Fish

  Ok, so I just used the manga graphic novel, Banana Fish, as a way to grab your attention.  Oooh!  However, this is, indeed, a food bloggeroo so I’m going to tell you a sure fire way to experience a volcano of pleasure from conspicuous foods. Banana and fish. Specifically fresh banana alongside sauteed/seasoned fish. … Continue reading

Kalecome Back

It’s been a while!  I have just returned to Fargo, ND from Portland, OR.  And while I was in Portland, I discovered that eating the bunchy leafy green called Kale was something I’d been missing out on my whole life.  Instead of decorating salad bowls on the buffet line, this “queen of green” is electrifyingly … Continue reading

Orange Coffee Cakes

Coffee and Orange go together.  Makes sense, right?  Although usually taken as separate entities, these two flavors do collide while unveiling a satisfying punch.   Orange Coffee Cakes Ingredients Pre-made Condensed Oatmeal sliced to 1/2 inch (see below) No sugar added Orange Marmalade Ground Coffee Beans(I use decaf) Oil Orange Slices Cook oatmeal slices in … Continue reading

Berry Blue Mushroom Mix

    The earthy flavor of the mushrooms juxtaposed with the fruitfully explosive blueberries makes this dish a comfort food twist.  It’s as good tasty as it is stunning. Ingredients Blueberries Mushrooms Rice Goat Cheese Water Mix blueberries, mushrooms , rice and water in a glass dish and cook in oven at 350 degrees until … Continue reading

Egg ‘n’ Banana

So I have to let the cat out of the bag, or rather the recipe out of the book.  Lately, I’ve been inspired by “The Flavor Thesaurus” in guiding me towards new flavor combinations.  That is where I’ve found the idea to combine Egg and Banana as an omelette.  Thanks Niki Segnit. Ingredients One ripe … Continue reading

Pear Refresher

I am not able to eat very spicy food, so while I was eating chicken buffalo wings the other night (and ignoring the fact that I would pay for eating them), my head was, of course, exploding with flames.  In desperate need of a palette cleanser, I reached for the first thing in the fridge. … Continue reading

Sparkling Cucumber Soda?

Well this is an interestingly refreshing drink. Just like it says!  If you like cucumbers, you’ll enjoy this kooky soda.  I tried the first one but it’s also a hot new thing in Japan.  ‘In case you are not getting enough vegetables, you may be pleased to learn that Pepsi in Japan has introduced cucumber … Continue reading


This petite chocolate bar is very curious on the tongue.  It contains deep milk chocolate with roasted & salted macadamia nuts, Indonesian coconut and hemp seeds.  The subtle crunch really made me shout out in song WOO-LLOO-MOO-LOO while swaying my hips back and forth! There’s many different kinds and I’ve also tried the Bacon Chocolate … Continue reading