Strapple Oatmeal

This recipe I created gives me my apple pie fix and if I eat it for breakfast, it’s still healthy! Ingredients 1/2 slightly tart Apple 3 large Strawberries 1 tsp Macadamia Nuts 1 cup already cooked and packed Oatmeal 1/8 cup Water 1/2 cup fat free frozen Yogurt On medium heat, cook packed oatmeal in … Continue reading

The Perfect Toast

Toast a slice of your favorite Brioche bread, top with mango fruit spread and sprinkle pecorino cheese for a finish. Savor!

Sushi Dessert

Maki Fresh in Atlanta, GA makes a sushi dessert called “Dreamsicle Dessert Roll”. The ingredients include cantaloupe, avocado, cucumber, rice and toasted coconut.  It is so light and just perfect for the summertime sweet fix.  Try your own! Savor!


I was completely addicted to frozen yogurt until  I found this quick dessert fix.  With frozen yogurt, I could keep eating it and eating it without being satisfied, but with Cho-mouss-i, that wasn’t the case.  This instantly snapped me out of fro-yo purgatory. Ingredients: 1 Chobani (I use pomegranate, but I encourage experimentation) 1 Tbsp … Continue reading

Sneaky Choco-Cobbler Sundae

Make one pouch Chocolate Oatmeal and top with 1/2 c.  Breyers 1/2 fat vanilla bean ice cream.  Easy peasy and deliciously dreamy. Savor!

Carrots and Shortbread

This combination of eating carrots with shortbread was inspired by my Black Licorice and Celery experience.  The crumbly texture of the shortbread combined with the crisp, fresh quality of the carrots makes for a satisfying little bite.  I think it’s going to be my new goal to figure out a contrasting food for each vegetable … Continue reading

Banana Ice Cream

Banana Ice Cream  – using one ingredient – BANANAS! “That mystery ingredient, of course, is banana! The smidgen of fat in bananas makes a magic trick when they are frozen and blended up. They turn creamy instead of crumbly, with a smooth texture any home ice cream chef would love to have in their frozen … Continue reading