Russian Candy

Solidarnost (meaning ‘solidarity’ in russian) Russian Candy These Lindor chocolates on steroids are slightly to die for.  With flavors from coconut chocolate to chocolate hazelnut, these filled chocolates will have you wanting more. Savor! Advertisements

Serves you right!

I should post this in my kitchen or really just inscribe it in my hand wherever I go! The purpose of The Food Pyramid is to assist people in meeting daily nutrient recommendations while providing relatively few serving sizes for each food group. According to the USDA, serving sizes in the Pyramid are determined through four … Continue reading

The World at the Breakfast Table

Well.  My breakfast looks a little sad compared to this gorgeous array of healthy eats! ‘A traditional Japanese breakfast consists of steamed rice, miso soup, and various side dishes.  Plain steamed rice is an essential item for Japanese-style breakfast.  Okayu (rice porridge) is easy to digest and is good for breakfast too.  Common side dishes are … Continue reading

Sri Lankan Food

A typical Sri Lankan meal consists of a “main curry” (fish, chicken, beef, pork or mutton), as well as several other curries made with vegetable and lentils. Coconut is found in most Sri Lankan dishes to give the cuisine its unique flavor.  Sri Lankan people use spices such as chilli, cardamom, cumin and coriander liberally in their dishes and typically do not … Continue reading

Wednesday is International Day

Every Wednesday is International Day! While I was on my short yet slightly life-enhancing trip to Mexico, I came across this little wonder candy called Pulparindo.  It’s a hot and salted tamarind pulp that is dipped in sugar crystals.  It sounds crazy, but the intense chili flakes combined with the sugar is the ultimate flavor … Continue reading