Pear Refresher

I am not able to eat very spicy food, so while I was eating chicken buffalo wings the other night (and ignoring the fact that I would pay for eating them), my head was, of course, exploding with flames.  In desperate need of a palette cleanser, I reached for the first thing in the fridge. … Continue reading

Cafe Jonah and the Magical Attic

    Cafe Jonah and the Magical Attic is an unusually cute and comforting cafe and restaurant located in Atlanta, GA. It has an older sister restaurant called Souper Jenny.  I still have to make the journey there and when I do, count on me to tell you about it! I love the idea of … Continue reading

Mellow Mushroom

After 6 months of living in Atlanta, Joshua and I finally indulged in Mellow Mushroom.  They are a psychedelic pizza pub that serves (in my opinion) some of the best, most sinful pizza out there!  They don’t hold back on their ingredients and you shouldn’t hold back either.  Don’t make the same mistake as I … Continue reading

Wonderful Burger

Wonderful Burger is located by Emory University in Atlanta, Ga.  Three words come to mind when partaking in this burger experience – cheap, simple and indeed wonderful. Their onion rings are equally fricken awesome. Savor!

Frozen Yogurt Debunked

Atlanta is delightfully swarming with frozen yogurt parlors.  After many weeks of dedicating my palette to Yoforia, I thought I’d feature it on Dining Miss Jenna.  Below is my account of Yoforia along with an article that provides information on The Real Frozen Yogurt. The self-serve method to distribution of the yogurt is oxymoronic.  Even … Continue reading

ONE Midtown Kitchen ATL

Sadly, my camera was forgotten at home when Joshua and I went out to eat for our 2 year anniversary.  Deepening my nostalgia for the evening, I must tell you that the menu is especially different night after night.  The image above is simply an image I found from One Midtown Kitchen’s files.  To put … Continue reading

Mykonos Tavern

A splendid restaurant: Mykonos Tavern Atlanta “Combining their family heritage with decades of restaurant experience, the Mahairas brothers came down from New York to start the lively, family- friendly, Greek-plus-more Mykonos Taverna here in Atlanta. And true to its name, Mykonos sits like a bright blue Greek, island just off the coast of I-85.” This greek restaurant has so many … Continue reading

Airbaked Burgers

Evos I was craving a home-style burger and found this ‘Healthy Fast Food’ restaurant.  These burgers are made with naturally and humanely raised beef.  The fries are a nice twist.  They taste like fries you bake at home and they are air-baked which has 50-70% less fat than deep-fried fries.   Along with the steakburger, they … Continue reading

Vietnamese Treasures

These are thee best egg rolls I’ve ever eaten.  Simplified with pure ingredients, these pork egg rolls are accompanied with a light ginger dipping sauce that puts them in that class (best I’ve ever eaten class).  Though these pork egg rolls are incredible, Chateau de Saigon (Atlanta, GA) features so many light and flavorful dishes … Continue reading