Chocolate Bells






























Strapped for choices in the heat of a chocolate insanity moment one night, my best friend humorously suggested pairing  peppers and CHOCOLATE together. But no, I did not guffaw at his delirious idea.  And, indeed, I found this soulful solution rather excitedly sinful. 

I’m talking about dipping your bell peppers in milk chocolate.  The combination of melted Hershey’s milk chocolate and bubbly sweet orange bell pepper sent my face into a slow-turn, 360 degree smile. That’s what I did anyhoo. Ooh! You could even experiment with different kinds of chocolate (80% dark Ghirardelli, 40% milk Dove) and varied kinds of bell peppers or other peppers (yellow bell, red bell, poblano).

Chocolate Bells

Bar of chocolate
Bell peppers

Melt chocolate in microwave. Take out and stir often on low power.  Cut up bell peppers in strips. Dip it.






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