Sweetato Ooze


While spending some arctic wintertime in my hometown of Fargo, ND, I have dropped the salad routine and have been eating nothing but warm, cooked food. This seems obvious enough, but once I started doing that, my body stopped craving ridiculous amounts of chocolate croissants and pizza which made me rejoice! Satisfying as a plum in the rain, this dish is simply salivating.

Sweetato Ooze


  • Handful of frozen cubed sweet potato or pre-cubed real stuff sweet potato
  • You choose amount of kale or spinach
  • One egg
  • Olive oil

On medium heat, sauté sweet potato and greens together in oil until slightly browned and crispy. Put on plate. Now, make your egg however you wish, although I do over easy so the yoke runs out over the hash. Place egg on top of hash with love. Season to taste.



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