Face the fear, Jenna! Ok, let’s go. I have been completely absent from this blog for a couple of months, because I’ve been struggling with an eating disorder and a food addiction for the past year. So, then I thought that food was to blame instead of acknowledging that nothing was to blame but I was using the thing I love most to turn against me and hurt me. I’ve read that deep below your greatest weaknesses shine your greatest strengths and this rings true for me! In order for me to access those strengths, though, I must face the fear of weakness and listen to what it is telling me. Like this blog – food and writing – are two things that I would definitely say cause me to act like a fool in the most detrimental ways. So, it’s time to stop avoiding and step into the void. And thanks to WordPress Year in Review, I’ve realized that people are actually reading Dining Miss Jenna, which means that we connect through my shenanigans of the sort. Ooh! Writing is weird for me. I think I’ve been too wrinkle-free in my expression. That’s going to change.


2 Responses to “Shenan-connections”
  1. Ethan says:

    Looking forward to your postings jenna 🙂 Much love, hope all is well! ~Ethan


  2. Kathy B says:

    You have such an interesting flair to your writing–glad to hear you’re back!


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