Kalecome Back


It’s been a while!  I have just returned to Fargo, ND from Portland, OR.  And while I was in Portland, I discovered that eating the bunchy leafy green called Kale was something I’d been missing out on my whole life.  Instead of decorating salad bowls on the buffet line, this “queen of green” is electrifyingly nutritious.  According to How Stuff Works, kale is high in fiber, calcium and vitamin A. 

Now it’s time for a bit of transparency. This blog is meant to share my experiences and offer the truths of life.

Because I love the way this green does my body good, I rely on it for support.  While I lived in Portland, I started to eat my way down the frightening path of bulimia.  My love for food took an evil twist!  After only experiencing the compulsion for two months, my face started breaking out and my throat burned. Understanding that I was killing myself and disgusted by the way my face looked, I changed my surroundings and thankfully met some wonderful influences.  Because I was malnourished, I started to learn even deeper about the nutrition I needed to maintain homeostasis.  Recovering from those two months will take about a year.  In the process of recovering, I often overeat.  If I do overeat or eat something that I wish I didn’t eat, I counteract it with fruit or vegetables such as kale.  This helps to reset my nutritional desires.


Quinoa Pasta
Balsamic Vinegar
Pecorino or Parmesan

Boil pasta. Steam kale. Top with balsamic vinegar and pecorino.







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