Orange Coffee Cakes

Coffee and Orange go together.  Makes sense, right?  Although usually taken as separate entities, these two flavors do collide while unveiling a satisfying punch.  

Orange Coffee Cakes


Pre-made Condensed Oatmeal sliced to 1/2 inch (see below)
No sugar added Orange Marmalade

Ground Coffee Beans(I use decaf)
Orange Slices

Cook oatmeal slices in oiled pan over medium heat until golden brown and crispy.  Meanwhile, combine orange marmalade and ground coffee beans until beans are thoroughly incorporated.  How much?  Whatever you fancy!  Experiment 🙂  Serve oatmeal cakes with orange coffee mixture and garnish with orange slices.

Condensed Oatmeal

Follow directions of how to make oatmeal over the stove.  Leave it on for a bit longer so that it becomes thick like a batter.  Pour oatmeal mixture into flat bottom ‘Tupperware’ container  that is fairly deep (like a loaf pan) and smooth top with a utensil of the sort.  Cover and refrigerate overnight.  It should be firm enough to cut.

Feel Good Factor

Oranges – Vitamin C. Immune System Defense.
Oatmeal – Soluble and Insoluble Fiber, Phosphorus, Selenium and Manganese. Will fill you up and keep you regular.



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