Food & Dreams

Did that bleu cheese give you a nightmare about faux hawks?  It is known that a big night of excess—a large, late-night meal with rich food, alcohol, coffee, and chocolate dessert—will make your sleep fragmented, increasing your awareness of dreams.  However, Dream & Nightmare Laboratory at Sacré-Coeur Hospital in Montreal is the first lab working on how food affects your dreams.  I would think they would have researched this a long time ago, but so be it.  Chow currently has a survey out to the public to help Sacré-Coeur Hospital in this deepened research mission.

Would you do dream science and dream enthusiasts a favor by completing this intriguing survey?

Dr. Nielsen (Dream & Nightmare Laboratory) wanted to conduct an exploratory survey, and provided some questions. If you can, please stick to answering these specific questions in this order.  He’s going to be looking at your responses and I’ll keep you updated on the findings!

1) Have you ever had a dream that seemed to be influenced by food(s) you had eaten the prior day (not including drugs or alcohol)?
2) If yes,
a. What food(s) had you eaten and when?
b. What did you dream about? (please write out the dream)
3) Do you believe that dreams can be influenced by what you eat the previous day?
4) Have you heard of any particular foods that affect dreams?
5) If yes,
a. What foods are these?
b. What effects are they said to have on dreams?
6) Have you ever dreamed about tasting or eating food(s)?
7) If yes,
a. What food(s) did you taste or eat in your dream?
b. Did the dreamed food(s) taste like the real version(s)?
c. Please describe one dream of tasting or eating food here.



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