The Hate of Yogurt – Reversed!

Every now and again I am courageous and try yogurt like it’s the first time.  And again and again, I turn away with a face of disgust, sadness and regret.  However, after trying Chobani Pomegranate, those anticipated feelings did not hit me. Instead, I was completely surprised by the thick texture, the mild taste accompanied with the explosions of real pomegranate seeds and the indeed affinity to want to eat yogurt.

Chobani is a Greek yogurt which refers to the process in which they make it.  “We use a centuries-old straining technique to remove excess liquid. This is why Chobani is so ridiculously thick, creamy and packed with two times more protein than regular yogurts. You’ll also find five types of live and active cultures including three strains of probiotics in Chobani.”

Siggi’s yogurt was actually used in my last blog about non-fat brownies.

Go for the yogurt.  You just might be satisfied!



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