No Pudge Fat Free Brownies – For Real!

Welcome to “The Brownie of your Dreams”.

I discovered these fat-free brownies two summers ago while I was working as an exhibit design intern in Duluth, MN.  The air around that city is so uplifting, healthy and pure that I was affected enough to have the motivation to hunt for fat-free brownies.   You’ve got to wonder how a brownie could have any taste without any fat.  Well, it does and I actually have to say that I prefer these brownies to any other.  While mixing up the thick batter, it is quite difficult to not want to just eat it all right there uncooked.  However, I do make sure to not scrape the bowl into the pan, so I can lick from the lovely amount of batter left on the bowl.  After the brownies are finished baking, I invite you to share these brownies with everyone otherwise they will be gone, leaving you feeling torn.  They are so chewy, rich and tasty without the guilt (if you stick with an appropriate serving).

A great added topping to these brownies would be the banana ice cream I posted a few days ago!


3 Responses to “No Pudge Fat Free Brownies – For Real!”
  1. Judy Chivers says:

    Now that I know about these brownies I googled where to buy this brand and sure enough there is a grocery store in my area that stocks them. Must buy next time I am in town (I live 45 miles from town in a remote mountain area). I usually visit town every 2 weeks due to the fuel prices.


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  1. […] Siggi’s yogurt was actually used in my last blog about non-fat brownies. […]


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