‘Intelligent Think Drink’

On my way through a Whole Foods excursion, I grabbed an attractively simple and clean looking ‘energy drink’.

“Brain Toniq is the world’s first organic, kosher, botanical-based, non-caffeinated think drink specifically designed for those who    need more mental focus and clarity. Formulated out of plant extracts and natural compounds, the ingredients in Brain Toniq have a long, proven history for their effects on increasing brain power and cognition. You get a formula made from effective doses of Rhodiola root, Choline and DMAE (two natural compounds), Eleuthero root (also known as Siberian Ginseng) and wild-harvested Blue Green Algae. We add a mix of natural citrus extracts, use only organic agave nectar for sweetness, and add a light carbonation.”

Because I am drawn to products with no caffeine, yet still increase your energy somehow, I tried my luck with Brain Toniq.  Its effect on my body was slightly invigorating.  Besides the soft sweet taste, I could instantly feel the usual anxious haze dissipate.  The drink let my body rejuvenate in such a gentle way that I will definitely drink it more and recommend it to all.



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