Ham Sammy

While I was back in North Dakota for family Easter, Joshua was in Atlanta making ham for the holiday.  Upon my return, there was quite a bit left for scrumptious sandwiches.  One in particular is this tasty ham and egg sammy that would be lovely for brunch.

Wanna Try?

Ingredients (Experiment with your portions!)

Thinly sliced ham
Orange Marmalade
Whole Grain Bread
(Laughing Cow Swiss Cheese)

Brown the ham in a skillet with no oil. (Though low in fat, ham should still have enough fat content to brown without any extra use of oil/butter.) Toast the bread and set aside.  Spread Orange Marmalade or any sweet jam/dressing on the toast.  Prepare your eggs however you like them. (I chose to scramble mine.)  Assemble the ham, egg, cheese (if you want it) and arugula into a sandwich.



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