ONE Midtown Kitchen ATL

Sadly, my camera was forgotten at home when Joshua and I went out to eat for our 2 year anniversary.  Deepening my nostalgia for the evening, I must tell you that the menu is especially different night after night.  The image above is simply an image I found from One Midtown Kitchen’s files.  To put it softly, the food was a blessing. 

For our first course, we chose to pick Duck Confit, which was a braised duck leg laid atop a bed of beans and sweet tomato sauce.  The duck was criminally tender and when paired with the tomato sauce, it was so rich and light that it completely salivated your mouth on every bite.

For the main course, I had Warm Bass with Mushrooms, Pickled Ramps and Creamed Spring Onions which was an utter delicate delight.  The piece of bass was actually quite large, so I was plenty satisfied after completion of secretly and carefully licking the plate empty.

Joshua had a more sinful and richer dish than I.  He had the pleasure to eat the Encrusted Pork Loin with White Asparagus.  Possessing the ultimate umami-ness, this dish will satisfy the inner meat king/queen in you.

For dessert, we were both stunned silent while indulging in One’s Warm Chocolate Truffle.  Alongside the truffle, sit one scoop of Bosc Pear Sorbet and one scoop of Chocolate Ganache.

I encourage you to try this restaurant as it was though I was at an amusement park for the tongue.  Until next time:



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