Mykonos Tavern

A splendid restaurant: Mykonos Tavern Atlanta

“Combining their family heritage with decades of restaurant experience, the Mahairas brothers came down from New York to start the lively, family- friendly, Greek-plus-more Mykonos Taverna here in Atlanta. And true to its name, Mykonos sits like a bright blue Greek, island just off the coast of I-85.”

This greek restaurant has so many plentiful dishes to pick from including Lahanodolmades(Ground Beef and Rice Stuffed Cabbage Leaves in an Egg and Lemon Sauce), Dolmades(Stuffed Grape Leaves) and Avgolemono Soup(Traditional Greek Egg and Lemon Soup with Shredded Chicken and Rice.

Avgolemono Soup is what I had (which is pictured above).  It’s so fulfilling and deep because of the intense lemon flavor that comes through.

Unlike many restaurants today, Mykonos has a birthday special.  Not only do they serve you a great big serving of rice pudding, but they throw down a plate while rejoicing “Opa!”





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